Station Latitude
   44.334 N
Station Longitude
  -70.268 W

  407 ft

Bear Pond Area Weather... North Turner, Maine

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      Current Weather Conditions

      Where This Station Is Located

41 Forest Trail, North Turner, Maine, USA


                   NOTE... On the live webcam image below, increase QUALITY to 75%, and SCALE UP a few times for a    clearer, larger image.

Weather Underground Daily History Chart for This Station

Weather Extremes History

                 WIND DATA                                                      RAIN DATA
 Today's Peak Wind Gust*
 Today's Low Wind Chill
  28.9 °F 
 This Year's Peak Wind Gust
  46.8 MPH (NW) on  1/07/14
 This Stations All-time Record Peak Gust
  60.1 MPH (NW) on  11/24/13
 This Stations All-time Record Low Wind Chill
  -35.2 °F on 1/03/14 

Today's Rainfall Total

See the Weather Underground Rapid Fire sticker above under Current Weather Conditions to view today's rainfall.

 Yesterday's Total Rainfall
  0.00 inches 
 Rainfall This Month*
  0.46 inches 
 Year To Date Rainfall*
  35.12 inches 

  Number Of Days This Year With         Misc. Precipitation (Sleet, Freezing     Rain, Hail)*

  7 Days this year

SNOWFALL DATA (Updated Oct. 1st - Apr. 30th)

 Snowfall Today* (Updated 4/30/14 @ 8:30 PM)
  0.0 inches  
 Snowfall Yesterday (4/29/14)
  0.0 inches  
 Most Recent Storm Total
  0.0 inches  
 Current Snow Depth
  0.0 inches  


North Turner Weather Notes (For The Past Month)

9/19 - 6:22AM... The wind stayed up a bit last night keeping the air mixed, not allowing temps to completely bottom out like they would have if conditions were completely calm. We still saw freezing temps though, and the growing season is definitely now over. Some locations just to our northwest as expected bottomed out in the mid 20's! The wind died down completely in those places.

9/18 - 3:19PM... I've made a new website, with a new provider that offers unlimited bandwidth. I need it due to increased visitors. Thanks for all your support and continue viewing this page, as well as my other page (if this one ever stops working due to bandwidth again) at Again thanks for all your patience and support!

9/16 - 6:10PM... Some showers moved through today, but didn't bring much rain. All it will do is bring even colder air in to the area for the next few days. Overning lows on Thursday night into Friday mornig will be down around 30F! The growing season may be at its end if a freeze does occur! Stay tuned!

9/15 - 7:06AM... Even colder this morning, with a low so far of 34.6F! Not too far from freezing! It's a frosty morning for sure. The growing season for most plants is over. More cool weather continues through the week.

9/13 - 3:08AM... Cold this morning, actually the coldest since last spring! The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are also out tonight as well!! Very cool!

9/10 - 9:04PM... I made some changes to the theme/background of the site for better readability and ease of access. The old theme was getting well... kind of old. Hope everyone likes it!

9/09 - 6:08AM... Chilly again this morning! It the coolest morning since this past late April. Slightly warmer the next few nights before more chill air invades the area again over the weekend into next week. It will stay relatively cool until then though.

9/08 - 7:24AM... It was a cool night last night, with another chilly one on the way for tonight. Fall is in the air for sure here in western Maine! Continue to check out my foliage info page for updates on the changing foliage conditions throughout the state.

9/07 - 5:49AM... We avoided all the severe weather they saw south of us yesterday and just got some needed rain. Much cooler and drier weather is now with us for as far as the eye can see, as fall really begins to take hold here in Northern New England. Check out some of our overnight forecast lows! Low 40's the next couple days! Some nights at the end of the upcoming week could drop down int othe 30's! Some colder mountain valleys in the area could reach the low 30's!

9/05 - 8:40PM... There is a high probability of Severe weather tomorrow, especially during the afternoon/evening hours. Stay tuned!!

9/05 - 6:58AM... Hot and humid weather will be with us today and tomorrow, but tomorrow afternoon a strong cold front will come through with showers and thunderstorms, some of which could become severe. After that fall-like weather returns with breezy and cool conditions. Stay tuned!

9/03 - 5:15PM... The site seems to be back up and running properly now! Thank you Webs Support for your help on fixing the issue! I couldn't do anything about this most recent downtime but support took care of the issue as quick as they could! Our data is live once again!

9/02 - 7:25AM... This site should be up and running again tomorrow. Sorry for the downtime! Provider issues that took some time to fix. I always have my backup site too now ( if this one has more issues. Hope you enjoy both sites now, and the live data from my new Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station!

8/31 - 3:08AM... Severe weather on the way for later today! Stay tuned to this website and/or my other site (

8/30 - 2:00PM... I've created asecond website as I have been having issues with this website. I hope to have this one back up and running soon for good, but the other one will also be running too as a back up if and when any other issues arise. Sorry for the inconvenience. My other site is It has less weather info though as it will just serve as a backup with the basic most important info on it, in comparison to this site.

8/29 - 8:23AM... I've been having issues with my site hoster over the past 24 hours, all issues should be resolved, but if they persist they shouldn't last long. I apologize for any inoconvenience!

8/27 - 8:30PM... Our high of 85.5 today makes it our second warmest day of the summer, only topped by one day, July 18th, when the thermometer hit 89F! Cooler and drier air is now on its way now that the cold front just passed through the area. Tomorrow will be much cooler, drier, and breezy as well. It will definitely start to feel more like fall than these past 3 days!

8/27 - 6:29AM... One more day of hot and humid weather before a cold front moves through tonight bringing in drier and much cooler air for the rest of the week. There is a slight chanch of showers and thunderstorms later this evening. Souldn't be anything severe though.

8/25 - 1:32PM... Very hot and humid today and for the next two days, before cooler and drier air moves back into the are for the end of the week and into the weekend. It won't be cooling off much at night either with lows only dropping down into the upper 50's at best!


8/21 - 8:35PM... The next few days will be cool by August standards, but more summer heat and humidity is on its way for next week. My data logger is supposed to be delivered Saturday, so I should have my live data from my new Pro2 weather station up and running by Monday morning at the latest.

8/21 - 7:27AM... My Data Logger for my weather station has shipped and should be here by tomorrow. That means my live weather data from this location will but up and running once again very soon, from my new Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station!

8/20 - 3:13AM... The first Foliage Report of the season is complete, and the webpage background has been changed. It may seem early, but Foliage season is just around the corner! Not much happening just yet though but give it a couple weeks. See my 'Fall Foliage Info' Page for more info on Maine's Foliage season, and keep checking back at my Live webcam on my homepage to watch the leaves change color here in North Turner!

    Current Radar

             Radar image above courtesy of (EW4941 Red Dot On Map Above Marks This Stations Location)

Current Fire Danger Information

   In North Turner, Maine 04266 (Weather Zone 3)

             NWS Forecast For North Turner, ME