Station Latitude
   44.334 N
Station Longitude
  -70.268 W

  407 ft

Bear Pond Area Weather... North Turner, Maine

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                 WIND DATA                                                      RAIN DATA
 Today's Peak Wind Gust
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 Today's Low Wind Chill
  29.3 °F 
 This Year's Peak Wind Gust
  55.5 MPH (NNW) on  1/05/15
 This Stations All-time Record Peak Gust
  60.1 MPH (NW) on  11/24/13
 This Stations All-time Record Low Wind Chill
  -39.5 °F on 2/16/15 

Today's Rainfall Total

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 Most Recent Event Total Rainfall
  0.14 inches 

  Yesterday's Total Rainfall

  0.00 inches

 Rainfall This Month
  3.34 inches 
 Year To Date Rainfall
  4.65 inches 

SNOWFALL DATA (Regularly Updated from Oct. 1st - Apr. 30th)

 Snowfall Today (Updated 4/25/15 @ 6:25 AM)
  0.0 inches  
 Snowfall Yesterday (4/24/15)
  0.0 inches  
 Current Snow Depth
  0.0 inches  
 Season Snowfall Total
  110.1 inches  


North Turner Weather Notes (Approx. The Past Month)

4/22 - 4:05PM.. My anemometer is back up and running currently so wind readings are now back. Hope the issue doesn't return! Sorry for the wind readings downtime!

4/21 - 7:23PM... We ended up with 2.02 inches of rain out of this most recent storm! Many of the local streams and rivers are over their banks but only minor flooding is being reported around the area currently. It will be quiet and cool tonight and tomorrow morning followed by more rain tomorrow afternoon/evening. Stay tuned! On a side note my anemometer isn't working once again and will not be until I can get a chance to look at it in more detail and figure out what's wrong, so wind readings will be missing for a while.

4/21 - 6:28AM... Already 1.75 inches of rain from this storm, and it is still falling and will actually pick up in intensity in an hour or so.

4/20 - 10:35AM... 2-3 inches of rain is on the way beginning this afternoon and lasting through Tuesday. A Flood Watch has been posted for the potential for river flooding from excessive runoff from rain, but also from snowmelt. Stay tuned for updates.

4/18 - 4:56PM... Just heard our first rumbles of thunder about an hour ago. Now it's 43 degrees and raining moderately.

4/18 - 6:48AM... It will be nice this morning, but showers and possibly even a rumble of thunder is expected this afternoon. Tomorrow will then be sunny again, but next week looks cool and rainy.

4/17 - 6:20AM... Some showers should move through this morning before more sun returns for the afternoon. This weekend will be decent with some showers Saturday afternoon/evening, but then next week looks cool and very unsettled with plenty of rain and even some wet snow in the highest elevations around the area mixing in from time to time. Not a big deal though with no accumulation expected as temps will be well above freezing all week. Our current measureable snow depth is now at 0 with only patches of woods here and there around the yard. Still some snow in the woods though but that's melting fast too.

4/14 - 8:32PM... A Red Flag Warning is up for tomorrow for a higher fire danger. Conditions will be perfect for fire to spread should any spark. It will be dry, warm, and breezy with plenty of fuel available now that the snow is melting quicly. Avoid starting any outdoor campfires tomorrow.

4/13 - 6:40AM... Temps may reach 70 degrees today for the first time since last October! Temps all week this week will be much warmer then we've seen in a while. The snow is melting fast now!

4/10 - 6:05AM... We're currently seeing freezing rain with temps sitting around 31 to 32 and rain falling. Some of the rain isn't freezing on contact so it's a rain/freezing rain mixture with temps sitting right around the freezing mark. Should change to plain rain soon.

4/09 - 5:20PM... A wintry mix is expected tonight but will change to plain rain tomorrow morning before ending as showers tomorrow afternoon. No significant wintry precip accumulation is expected though, but up to a quarter of an inch of rain could fall. Roads may be slippery late tonight and early tomorrow morning!

4/09 - 6:13AM... 4.5 inches of snow fell last night and it is still snowing lightly as I write this! Looks like mid winter once again out there right now!

4/08 - 6:45PM... My live data and live streaming webcam are now back up and running smoothly. Glad to be back online! Sorry for the downtime. On a side note we are currently under a Winter Weather Advisory for 1-3 inches of snow and a coating of ice tonight into tomorrow morning. Winter.... still hanging on!

4/08 - 12:24PM... My live data and live webcam are down once again due to internet issues. Hope to have everything back up and running once I get home to fix the problem this evening!

4/05 - 6:32AM... Happy Easter!

4/04 - 12:30PM... It just changed over from rain to snow about 10 minutes ago! Temps are still above freezing but are dropping, and the winds continue to increase. We will see if we get any accumulation before the precip ends within an hour or two! The higher elevations are definitely getting some accumulation.

4/04 - 6:40AM... Yesterday's 60 degree temps were nice while they lasted as we haven't seen temps that warm since last November, but we may not see them for a while once again. Cooler air is moving in as I write this, and it is also currently raining. It will mix with snow later today before winding down. Winds will also become gusty (up to 40MPH) out of the NW. The upcoming week will be cool and unsettled.

4/03 - 6:30AM... The site will be viewable again today once the provider resets the data. It will be a very warm day with temps possibly reaching 60! Then rain moves in tonight and changes to snow tomorrow as cold air works back into the area. About a half an inch of rain is expected with 1-2 inches of snow on top of that expected tomorrow. It should clear out in time for Easter Sunday.

4/01 - 8:20PM... My site Bandwidth has been exceeded again for the month. Data will reset on the 3rd and this site will be completely viewable once again by that point. Sorry for the downtime!

3/30 - 5:40PM... Light snow fell for the majority of the day today but we didn't see any accumulation (just above freezing). Then next week will be cool and breezy with the exception of Friday when warmer temps and rain will move into the area.

3/29 - 7:32AM... Everything on this site now seems to be streaming smoothly once again. It was an Internet issue like last time. Sorry for any inconvenience! Glad my data and webcam are back up live streaming once again!

3/28 - 7:10AM... On and off snow showers are likely today with much colder temps than we've been seeing over the past couple days. Over the next week temps will be up and down, typical of late March and early April weather.

3/27 - 6:30AM... It was foggy and rainy yesterday and last night when some sleet and wet snow began to mix in. No frozen precip accumulation though. We picked up just over three tenths of an inch of rain so far with a bit more possible in showers this morning. It will then turn mainly cloudy and still mild today with highs in the low to mid 40's. Then cold air returns for the weekend.

3/25 - 6:35AM... The warming trend will continue through tomorrow with highs in the mid 40's today and then around 50 tomorrow. Rain showers will move in starting tonight (possibly mixing with some snow) and will last through tomorrow night. Then colder air slowly makes a return, and will last through the rest of the month. Spring is trying to make it's presence known, but it's having a tough time!

      Where This Station Is Located

41 Forest Trail, North Turner, Maine, USA

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