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   44.334 N
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  -70.268 W

  407 ft

Bear Pond Area Weather... North Turner, Maine

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  12.0 °F 
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  46.8 MPH (NW) on  1/07/14
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  -35.2 °F on 1/03/14 

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 Current Snow Depth
  3.0 inches  


North Turner Weather Notes (For The Past Month)

12/19 - 4:38PM... Cold temps will last through Monday before a large storm moves into our area. The storm is tracking to our west though, which means we will be seeing warm air move in with the precipitation. It's going to be a mostly rain event, with lots of rain and wind around for Christmas Eve. We'll have to wait and see if the current minimal snowpack that we have now lasts through the rain to ensure a white Christmas, because we won't be seeing any new snow before then. Stay tuned!

12/18 - 4:11PM... It only snowed a bit this morning, with no accumulation as temps stayed above freezing. It did accumulate above 1,000 feet though. All the hills across the pond were white this morning! Now cooler and windy weather will persist through the weekend.

12/18 - 6:45AM... It's snowing this morning, but temps are just above freezing still so no accumulation as of this point.

12/17 - 5:53AM... We saw freezing drizzle yesterday and last night, but now things are changing over to plain rain as the heavier precip moves in with temps slowly rising to, and soon slightly above freezing. As precip wraps up later tonight into tomorrow morning it may change back over to a brief period of snow (1-2 inches of accumulation possible). Check back later.

12/14 - 5:52AM... We picked up 3.4 inches of snow yesterday, which was completely unexpected. Things like that happen pretty often during our Maine winters though. No more snow until maybe Wednesday when it could mix with a little bit of rain too.

12/13 - 5:58AM... Snowing heavily again this morning! Just over an inch already, and more expected throughout the morning! Stay tuned...

12/12 - 5:58AM... Just over an inch of snow fell last night, and we should continue to see on and off snow over the next 36 hours before this storm finally exits our area!

12/11 - 5:10PM... It's snowing again! The rain has changed back over to snow, but we should only see a coating to as much as an inch overnight. More light snow is possible Saturday before colder air makes a return to the area once this storm finally exits after having been around for the past 3 days!

12/10 - 6:25AM... We only picked up a half an inch of snow yesterday before the precip turned to sleet and freezing rain for the duration of the afternoon yesterday. It then changed to plain rain last night and we picked up just under an inch! Today will be warmer (in the mid 30's all day) with on and off rain esp. this afternoon.

12/8 - 6:28AM... A major storm is on the way beginning tomorrow, and it will last through the entire week! It looks like snow to start, with 3-6 inches expected before it changes over to a long period of sleet and freezing rain. This could be a big icing event for us! It will possibly change to plain rain for a time on Wednesday, but it may not this far north. We will have to wait and see how far the warm ocean air moves inland. Stay tuned!!

12/6 - 1:25PM... Sorry for the site not being updated this morning. I was at work and was not able to update it like normal. Everyting is updated now! Currently plain rain with some on an off freezing rain as temps hover around freezing right now!

12/5 - 3:20PM... Snow, sleet, and freezing rain on the way for tonight and lasting through the day tomorrow. 2-4 inches of snow expected before the change over to ice. It will likely remain colder than forecasts are saying for tomorrow similar to the storm we had on Wednesday when we were forecasted to reach 39 degrees but only got up to 32. This will mean more icing for our area! Stay tuned!

12/3 - 8:55AM... 2.2 inches of snow and now freezing rain/drizzle is falling, with temps holding in the mid 20's. Its messy out there!

12/2 - 6:30AM... Snow on the way tonight before changing to a mix tomorrow morning. We should see 2-4 inches of snow and a coating of ice on top before the day ends tomorrow. We are currently under a Winter Weather Advisory for this reason. It's supposed to warm into the upper 30's tomorrow PM but that may not happen as the cold air will have a tough time being scoured out of our area. Stay tuned!

12/1 - 6:58AM... Temps will be all over the place this week. Today and Wednesday will be relatively warm, but Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be cold, with some snow/mix likely Tuesday night into Wednesday. Stay tuned, as another winter storm is also possible on Saturday.

11/27 - 5:50AM... We picked up over a foot of new snow, and it is still snowing lightly. We shouldn't see much more in the way of accumulation though. It's a winter wonderland out there this morning!

11/26 - 2:08PM... The snow has begun, and started in a hurry!! We already have over an inch after only an hour of snowfall! We should see anywhere from 10-15 inches by the time the storm wraps up early tomorrow morning! Stay tuned!

11/24 - 6:08PM... Snow is on the way! A Winter Storm Watch is now up for our area from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning. 6-10 inches of snow expected for our area during that time period. Stay tuned for updates!

11/24 - 6:50AM... Rain and warm temps today before colder air and a large storm moves in for Wednesday night into Thanksgiving day! It looks like it could be a decent sized snowstorm! We'll have to wait and see! Stay tuned for updates.

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41 Forest Trail, North Turner, Maine, USA

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